Mobiado redefines luxury with CPT001 concept luxury mobile phone

The world of luxury phones has been taken aback by the launch of Mobiado’s concept luxury phone, the CPT001. A concept creation like no other, it is sure to set new standards for luxury phones. The company has dubbed this unique creation as an “objet d’art,” as the concept merges modern-age communications technology with materials used during the renaissance period. With such elaborate exteriors, the tech-specs of the phone will definitely take a back seat. Taking pride in their “out of the box” thinking, the creative folks over at Mobiado have made the concept CPT001 from a single piece of solid marble with gold-filled engraved letters and details! A one-of-a-kind creation, the touch screen of this concept phone is made from a single large sapphire piece, while the buttons and watch crown are fashioned from solid gold. But that is not all; the phone also features a brilliant gold skeleton mechanical watch movement positioned between the “Call” and “End” buttons.

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Mobiado has not announced whether and when this phone will reach the markets. No lightweight phone (it’s made from marble) this, it is sure to bear a heavy price tag as well.
Via – [Designlaunches]

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