Model M of Geneva Sound System

The Model M of Geneva Sound System is a complete range of audio system you ever wanted. It has an iPod docking station, Cd player, and a Radio with a tremendous sound. The Geneva Sound System is a very powerful complete stereo system, crafted in a single cabinet made out of piano lacquered wood. The Geneva Sound System offers direct playback of hard-drive music while also offering built in capabilities for CDs (with a built-in slot drive), FM radio, and line-in turntables, TV audio, computers, and even game consoles. All audio file formats on CD (MP3, etc) play in the CD slot. Another line-out portable MP3 player including the iPod shuffle connect to Geneva’s line-in port, as do other audio sources such as computers, turntables; TVs. There is a built-in FM radio that, like the other functions, is easily controlled by Geneva’s stylish remote. It has a LED display visible under the front cover showing input and track playing.

The dimensions of this sound system are 36 x 18,5 x 27 cm. It weighs about 6.8 kg. This is priced at $1088

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