Monolab Design’s Trunk is ready for heavy duty gear

Do you carry your life around in a suitcase? Then I bet it is proving to be a big inconvenience for you. Don’t worry, Monalab Design has come up with a perfect solution. It is said that this project was started ages ago by a heavy duty traveller who knows all the woes of a suitcase that is less than perfect. It is an exremely fancy drunk made from anodized aluminum and it is designed to accomodate a Mac Pro, a 23-inch Apple Cinema Display 23?, a Music Hall Mambo amplifier, and a pair of aluminum-enclosed Webern loudspeakers. Talk about an entertainment system going mobile.

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Even if you do travel big, do you honestly think you will ever be in need of Monalab Design’s trunk? Suddenly my handy little backpack seems more and more appealing.