Morel’s Fat Lady is a curvaceous beauty

Are you bored of all the symmetrical structures and gadgets in your home? Just invest in the curvaceous speakers by Morel that go by the name- Fat Lady and watch your room take shape. The Israeli company is well known for creating high quality audio since 1975, so you can definitely look forward to a great audio experience along with some visual stimulation. The voluptuous composite enclosure is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass and has no straight lines. The bass reflex design holds two 9-inch woofers made from a “carbon fiber-Rohacell sandwich cone” with a double magnet motor and a 3-inch external aluminum voice coil. These cross over to the 6-inch mid-range at 200 Hz. The mid is made from the same material and sports a similar design as the woofers. At 2,500 Hz the mid-range crosses over to the soft-dome 1.1-inch tweeter, which is made from “hand-coated Acuflex” and sports a Neodymium magnet and an aluminum external voice coil. Morel has claimed a frequency response of 20-25,000 Hz or 60-18,000 Hz ±1.5 dB, an impedance of 6-ohms, and a sensitivity (2.83V/1 meter) of 87 dB. Promising ultra tech design along with unbeatable performance, the Fat Lady is definitely impressive.

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The Fat Lady’s dimensions (or should we say vital stats) measure 13 3/8″ wide, 50″ tall, and 17 3/8” deep and she weighs a mere 97 pounds (each). But the Fat Lady is anything but cheap; to own her you have to shell out a fat price of $32,000/pair.