Motorola patents a Feng Shui phone

Once again creativity and technology combine to give a new dimension to Motorola’s new Feng Shui patented camera phone- A mobile phone-based on this patent would feature a direction sensor, digital camera (with software to analyze colors, order, and balance of the environment), GPS to determine the location of the space, an AM/FM radio (to make sure space is far enough away from radio towers), and a table of “chi values.” The phone would also use the microphone to measure detrimental noise levels. On the basis of Feng-Shui principles, when you want to investigate a particular building or location, you just have to take some pictures of the surrounding area, point the phone to the main wall of the house, and press the button. The results will be displayed as a summary indicating positive, neutral, or negative chi, or you will get a detailed report about the chi rating for every parameter measured.

You can expect your phone to tell you, how to make your world a better place to live in. Motorola has not mentioned when this model will be launched, till then Feng-Shui books and consultants can be considered.

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