MT- table by Ideum to debut at museums

For all museum lovers and frequent museum visitors, Ideum’s hi-tech table- the MT table, will be a must-see piece. Ideum is a developer of computer-based exhibits and installations for North American museums and will install the new MT tables at two museums in Amarillo, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama. The MT Table is designed to support multi-touch and multi-user interactions. It sports a 50-inch display surface that is touch-sensitive and can support multiple users while using hand gestures to manipulate images or media or interact with computer-based programs. Built of aircraft-grade aluminum, this table is definitely a beauty. A Swedish technology company has designed the table’s interface and multi-touch software. The software boasts features like media viewer, drawing application, 3D model viewer, Google Earth, etc.

A great table, it will definitely make your regular trips to the museum a lot more fun and interactive.

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