MU SPACE portable music player helps to relax and rejuvenate

Not all of us can afford the luxury of a luxurious sleeping pod. For affordable forty winks on the go, designers Yuan-Hao Hsu & Lin Tzu Hsuan have created the MU SPACE portable music player. Touted as a relaxation portable music system, it includes a mat with it. Although not as comfortable and inviting as many sleeping pods out there, the MU SPACE will help you relax and release stress as you calm down listening to your favorite tunes. In Fact, the MU Space has been designed especially for stress-busting, relaxation, and motivation of employees and teens. Just lie down on the mat and place your head in this system and let the music help you relax. The unique music system is compatible with both USB and Memory Cards.

If you need a quick power nap or just need to calm those frazzled nerves a short while in this unique portable player might just do wonders for you.

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