Multidrive RS Simulator…drive for fun!

You don’t need a licence to hurl your car on the streets, no more worries of drinking and driving and a ticket is the last thing you’ll get. This doesn’t mean you are driving in some aliens country with no rules, it only means you are getting your share of adrenaline rush on Multidrive RS Simulator. Just hook up your console and watch the action on the large HD screen (26 or 32-inch). And the authentic sound of screeching tyres and revved-up engine will ring in your ears from the built-in 5.1 surround sound system.

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The controls of Multidrive RS Simulator are natty all with a pressurised pedal for brake, clutch and gas, a chunky gear stick and an adjustable seat catering for big and small gamers. All you need is a penchant for driving even when you are not really intending to commute and $4700!