Musikbox by Interlubke is jukebox furniture for ardent audiophiles

In the new digital era, the idea of Boom Boxes and Ghetto Blasters are still something of a pleasant nostalgia. Three experts in the area have joined hands to introduce the concept of Jukebox called Musikbox that took about two years of development. The project initiated by Christian Friedrich was provided the niche assistance of Werner Aisslinger (as molder), Interlubke (as furnishing expert) and Linn (expert in high-end sound systems). The Musikbox which doubles as a storage furniture and music locker coverts your living room into a concert hall with the ability to connect with devices including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Studio quality music is achieved with the speakers being placed acoustically at a distance of 2.5 meters, while the separate compartments for storage of accessories, technical devices or other storage media makes this piece a one-stop shop for all your requirements. It is a spectacular piece of furniture incorporated with excellent sound elements ideal for audiophile living culture.
[Interluebke and Aisslinger]

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