MySat-1, the personal satellite unveiled

If you think that you’ve got everything on this earth then this one can prove your thoughts wrong. After the luxurious cars, lavish homes, exclusive jewellery and other magnificent gizmos, this is totally futuristic must-have for all those who have the money to flaunt. MySat-1 represents Japan’s initiative in private industry to develop, manufacture, launch, and operate small satellites. The world’s first personal earth-orbiter, a 44-pound box, less than ten inches on its side is now available for purchase from Japan-based Astro Research Corporation. Each satellite can be customized to the owner’s needs and equipped with additional instruments depending on the user’s needs.

MySat-1 can fly in low earth orbit for more than 20 years, possibly more than 30. This conventional satellite, which will typically launch around three to five years after an order is placed, will be priced between $10 million and $20 million. The solar-powered system costs about $860,000, which covers the cost of the satellite, launch and operational services, as well as a satellite launch field trip and a satellite location notification service. As far as the use of these personal satellites is concerned, they can be out to any purpose including component testing, disaster monitoring, Earth observation, remote sensing and even advertising. MySat-1 and the MySat Series can be considered “mini space stations” for launching anyone’s dreams into space.

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