NapShell in your space encourages productivity

Dear Boss,
Here is a simple equation for you:
Increased Productivity= incentives + naptime
Yes boss, in case you want me to churn out some really heavy-duty stuff then you need to install something like the NapShell. Not only will it relax me with a massage system that will knead away the stress knots, but the MP3 player that comes with speakers and headphone jacks will also help me unwind. Also, you don’t need to bother about my music because the soundproof doors will contain all the sounds. To make my nap comfier, it even has LED lighting, air conditioning, and a flatscreen display. Thus, you now know the formula on how to get me to work more efficiently.

I hope you enjoyed this sample letter; of course, you don’t need to get serious about it, only incentives will also do. Simply put the NapShell on your wishlist till you get a boss good enough to get you one. Better still, if you are a boss, get it for your junior!
The NapShell was designed by seven students of architecture from Stuttgart, Germany.