NAT Audio’s Magma tube amplifier

NAT Audio’s Magma is the “most powerful single-ended tube amplifier on the market,” and it specs 160-watts at 4- and 8-ohms with a frequency response of 10Hz to 100kHz. Moreover it weighs only 88-pounds, measures 11.8- x 25.2- x 14.2-inches and depends on a 6N1P-EV, a 6N30P-DR and a Eimac 450TH tube to dish out the music. The features also include an input impedance of 100-kohms, input sensitivity of 2.7V RMS for full power output, gain of 22.5 dB at 8-ohms. Really heavy-duty stuff!

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NAT Audio’s Magma tube amplifier comes for $55,000 per pair.