NBS’ Butterfly and E.V.A. speakers are just too expensive at $200,000

Just like some people who wish to laugh in the face of recession, there are some firms who promote this kind of behavior. And the latest firm to encourage this habit is NBS, who have come up with exorbitantly priced set of speakers called Butterfly and E.V.A. Yes its true guys; NBS is charging a whopping $200,000 for their speakers. Amazingly designed and probably the most chic speakers in town, they are definitely a class apart. Yet, the beauty doesn’t explain its exorbitant price tag. Probably boasting of the best sound quality, we still feel these speakers are over priced. Maybe the firm took pity on those who are badly hit by the recession and reduced the price of their base model to a mere $25,000 (still out of reach of almost everyone).

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An awesome pair, we seriously wish they were not so overpriced.