Ne Plus Ultra speakers from Transmission Audio boast of $2million price tag

The ultimate high-end speakers are finally here. Transmission Audio has announced the launch of the new high-end speakers, christened Ne Plus Ultra (no more beyond). So exquisite and expensive are these speakers that the Waterfall Niagara tower speakers suddenly seem cheap and affordable. Why? Because the Ne Plus Ultra is expected to sell for $2million for two channels! Each channel consists of six 7-foot-tall panels, with the smallest one on the outside handling the super-high frequencies, two with high-frequency/midrange, one with a bank of twenty-four 8″ woofers, and then two with ten 15″ subwoofers each.

Definitely for a select few, to accommodate the two channels of this huge system (i.e. 12 seven foot panels) you’ll need a 37-foot-wide listening room. A crazy system, it weighs a whopping four tons. Promising a powerful performance, these speakers crank out a total of 31,000 Watts and can reach deafening sound levels of 146dB. Crazy, amazing and simply fantastic, these speakers will surely offer a one of a kind experience.

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