Nefertiti phone by Givori for $4500: a phone for Davy Jones

What really impresses me about a luxury phone is its elegant yet simple look. This basic principle of simplicity is what adds a touch of class to any phone. So when I came across the latest Nefertiti luxury phone by Givori I knew the creator had his basics wrong. A great example of overdoing things, this phone is the perfect accessory for Davy Jones (Pirates Of The Caribbean). Just like his ugly tendrils, this phone oozes Swarovski crystals that are dipped in 24-carat gold. Just holding the phone is bound to send shivers down your spine.

This supposedly luxurious phone is available at luxury stores in Dubai. I just hope and pray that this phone finds no buyers. Priced at $4500, it would be best to not encourage such creations.