Neff Interactive – A high-tech communication tool uses Microsoft Surface

The Neff Interactive is probably the world’s first-of-its-kind communication tool. Boasting of a Microsoft Surface user interface that is set in a simple cube, the Neff Interactive helps you observe and visualize functionalities and energy flows in Neff appliances. Functioning like a giant iPhone, it allows multiple users to operate it simultaneously. Although it bears a striking resemblance to the many multi-touch tables that are available these days, the Neff Interactive is different courtesy its many features. It lets you learn design features through an interactive glossary and have virtual presentation of many appliances with functions such as Open Door or Change Filter.

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You can select and enlarge objects, and move and click through the menu with up to 64 commands processed simultaneously. What is more, every move is accompanied by an operating sound.
The unique Neff Interact6ive is also a great communication tool when it comes to keeping your customers informed. One can create client profiles by assigning a virtual folder for each client, which will hold individually tailored information and images for any issue or new products. This information can be easily printed, emailed or iPhoned as per individual requirements.
A great creation, the Neff Interactive is sure to take the corporate world by storm.

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