Neuhaus T-2 Amplifier: Music on Tubes

Our PC’s or Mac’s audio output is always so bleak and low that we never feel like listening to music on speakers. So it becomes imperative to buy new speakers that produce some decent output. But the two speakers and subwoofers are old school now. It’s time to welcome the Neuhaus T-2 Amplifier that plays concert hall-worthy Hi-Fi music for you. The best part is that it connects to your computer via the USB port, so you don’t have to worry about making space for another plug. The T-2 takes the digital audio stream and uses its custom DAC to convert the sound to analog, then amplifying it using vacuum tubes.

This process endows you with a warm, powerful sound that’s close to the original recording. The amplifier worth $800 has a black, high gloss finish, four other audio inputs, oversized volume, input selector knobs, and the view of the tubes in action makes it look like a really good music pumpin’ machine.

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