New Ferrari-branded Logic3 line of earphones and headphones

As a car, racing or luxury enthusiast it doesn’t get much better than Ferrari, so what if you can’t own the car; Ferrari offers you a range of high end products that bring you one step closer to that dream, such as a Movado watch, a Vertu phone and a business card holder. Ferrari has tied up with Logic3 to release new lines of headphones, earphones and speakers namely the Cavallino and Scuderia line. We got a glimpse of the Cavallino headphones and Scuderia headphones in 2012; the earphones follow with similar styling. The Cavallino line features aluminum casing covered in hand stitched lambskin leather and features the classic Ferrari logo in silver. The Scuderia collection is also built of aluminum and features the red and yellow colors of the Ferrari F1 team.

Available at the Ferrari online store, the Scuderia earphones sell for $166 while the Cavallino one is between $220 and $249. These provide a cheaper alternative to the headphones, which range between $330 and $480. Ferrari and Logic3 have also come together for a line of dock speakers.

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