New Airnergy Avand Garde prevents anti-aging and enhances well-being

When you were in school you would’ve been taught how plants give out oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. But how can you expect a plant that grows indoors and has limited access to the sun give you enough pure and pollution free oxygen? You change the air you breathe. Germany based Airnergy has come up with a patented technology that can change the way you live by oxygen charging the air around you using technology! An to start off with the company has launched its rendition of the smallest private resort in the world, called Avant Garde that you can place at your desk, sofa or your bed. It also looks pretty, feels great and gels right with your home décor.

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Revered by many big German names, the Spirovital-Therapy using the Airnergy technology claims to help you sleep better, age gracefully, detoxify your body and make you generally healthy. If the Avant Garde doesn’t impress you, you can begin with the entry-level “Airnergy Basis Plus” for about 40 minutes each sitting. While the Airnergy Basis Plus is priced at €3500 ($4,585) Avant Garde system comes at €7000 ($9,180). Click here for details.
Thanks Guido Bierther

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