New Tag Heuer Fuchsia Meridiist GMT blushes with water-snake skin

Right in time to celebrate the season with Santa, Tag Heuer has cheered up its Meridiist Collection by adding a vivid reddish-pink edition. The name, Tag Heuer Fuchsia Meridiist GMT, speaks for itself that the new cell phone will be clad in fuchsia-colored skin on its back. Though no official details are available from the company, it is known that this vibrant Meridiist will carry the same features as the original Tag Heuer Meidiist. To up its ante Tag, Heuer has used a rare skin sourced from Acrochordus Arafura (don’t even try to pronounce). In simple words, it is the skin of a water snake found in New Guinea and northern Australia. Rumored to hit the shelves in the coming year, keen buyers have enough time to save up for this pricey red hot Meridiist.

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