Nintendo DS Lite 18K Gold Stylus

Why not add some glamour to the gaming arena too? If you couldn’t get a hand on the Swarovski studded DS lite then here’s your chance to play opulently. This isn’t Gold toned…..nor is it Gold colored! This is real 18 carat gold!! Blinged Nintendo DS Lite 18K Gold Stylus is the hottest DS Lite stylus. This real 18K Gold Stylus gives the feel and performance of the most luxurious stylus on the market in the present day. Authentic 18K Gold gives the stylus the perfect weight balance making extended gaming more comfortable, while providing unmatched control over your DS Lite. Moreover, it will also work with any PDA system such as Palm, Zire, etc.

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What a great gift for your friend or any DS Lite owner! This might be the most ostentatious video gaming purchase! And it’s yours for only (Canadian) $19.99!