Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition – Connecting people with bling

Right in time to celebrate the festive season and welcome the New Year 2010 with a bang, or should I say bling, Nokia has given a gilded facelift to its Nokia 6700 classic. And it isn’t some tacky polish. The Nokia 6700 classic Gold Edition lives up to its name with an 18-carat gold finish. To complement the gold-plated look, it will come with custom wallpapers too. Inside the gold shell, the features remain the same as Nokia 6700 classic, like a 2.2-inch QVGA display with 16 million colors, HSDPA connectivity, GPS, Nokia Maps, and a 5MP autofocus camera with flash. This dazzling cell phone will show up as a limited edition in the first quarter of 2010. Till then, you can save up as it will ship with a price tag of $550. Considering the mad rush for Gold, I am sure many buyers are waiting for this ostentatious handset.

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