Nook: The Second Most Popular E-Reader

The Barnes & Noble Nook is probably the second most popular e-reader in the United States. Developed by Barnes & Noble, it runs on an Android platform. The first version was released in 2009. You might have seen it compared to the Amazon Kindle on multiple occasions. They use similar technologies, though the Kindle was released earlier. Many people who don’t want to support Amazon for various reasons favor the Nook. However, these reasons include the way workers are treated, how Amazon kills brick-and-mortar bookstores and independent bookstores, relationships the companies have with publishers, and the fact that some people don’t like mega-corporations taking over giant sectors of the sales economy. Barnes & Noble avoids most of those problems, with the possible exception of killing independent bookstores, and so the Nook remains massively popular.

Nook Features
The Nook features a high-resolution screen that has a fantastic color display and contrast. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better one, even on the Kindle. In fact, it has the highest-resolution display of any seven-inch tablet on the market, and it weighs just more than eleven ounces—no wrist strain necessary. Because it runs on an Android operating system, it has access to all Android applications—over seven hundred thousand of them. The Nook uses Chrome as its internet browser, which is faster than most other browsers and has its own built-in Wi-Fi access. It has a dual-core processor that guarantees speed. And, of course, there are the books.

Reading on the Nook
The Nook loads twenty-one types of word-based files, including books sold by Barnes & Noble. There are millions of Ebooks to choose from, since Barnes & Noble is still a major player in the bookselling world. Barnes & Noble’s digital books include various books from all genres available for less than five dollars. The site also suggests a “Daily Find,” a highly-rated book available for a low price. You can also buy any magazine available as an electronic file sold by Barnes & Noble. Since it uses an e-paper, you can even read it in full sunlight, just like any paper book, without a glaring problem; it’s fully laminated, which means extra-wide viewing angles for sharing it.

Other Nook Attributes
The Nook allows previews of thousands of movies and TV shows. You can rent or even buy them if they interest you. The TV shows are sold as single episodes and full seasons. Its hundreds of thousands of possible apps mean you can play games on your Nook, leave yourself reminders or notes, set alarms and alerts, and more. The apps include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, TED, and more popular sites and media. It can play nine types of audio files, three types of video files, and display four image files as a gallery. Its headphone jack is universal, so nothing special is required. The battery lasts for more than ten hours for just reading and nine hours for video. There are even Nook apps for other tablets.