Now store all your information in Bulgari’s new digital vault

Earlier this year, Bulgari teamed up with Whiskey to create a smartwatch that could make payments. Now, the two brands have introduced their new Bulgari Vault app, the app will help users secure their digital activity and especially payments when they use their mobile device. The app provides a secure space for users to save and store important information like passwords.

You save websites, bank details, credit card numbers, etc. in one place for easy and safe access. The vault-app also offers cloud storage which can be used to stash documents, images, videos, and messages that you want to keep secure. Supposedly the information you wish to preserve is encrypted and stored in a high-security bunker in the Swiss Alps where it can be accessed there through the app.

If you’re going to store all your secrets in an app on your phone, you definitely don’t want anyone opening it by mistake (or on purpose!). To ensure that you’re the only one who can access the app’s contents, the app offers four different unlocking options: TouchID fingerprinting, facial recognition, password encryption, and asymmetric dot patterns.

“At Bulgari, we strive to be on the edge of understanding and anticipating luxury experiences. The 4th industrial revolution will inevitably modify our relationship with luxury. This is why offering to our exigent customers an intelligent solution to protect their virtual patrimony, thanks to the leading technology of our partners from WISeKey, is a moment of pride and enriching innovative experience for us,” said Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the Bulgari Group.

“This is a new milestone on our cooperation with Bulgari to provide customers safer and more reliable mobile communications and transactions with a cyber-resilience edition BVLGARI Vault App that locks personal data such as account usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and access PINs into a secure personal data organizer, creating accountable identities for online activity while the data itself remains protected in a secure cloud vault. Mobile security threats are increasing in number and sophistication, with hackers looking for ways to hijack mobiles for Bitcoin mining, or to trick mobile users into giving up their personal identity and bank account information. Even though mobile operating systems provide app developers with significant security features, hackers have still been able to exploit the massive installed base of Android and iOS devices, using many different infection vectors to place malware,” said Carlos Moreira Founder and CEO WISeKey.

Priced at € 49.99 per year, the app offers 3GB Cloud Storage for 1 year and multi-device Sync for 1 year and is available for Android and iOS devices.

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