Obsession Aphrodite Collection steps in the luxury cell phones market

Adding on to the list of the gold and diamond-studded cell phones, here we have the latest from Obsession (the luxury cell phone maker), the Aphrodite Collection. Exclusively handcrafted, this collection comes in white gold or 24K yellow gold, flaunts 2.1 carats of cultured diamonds, hand-stitched hide on the back, and a white leather presentation case inside a hand-crafted crocodile skin briefcase. And it’s not only a flashy caked up model that we are talking about here. It also means business as it comes with other technical specs like the 2-inch Sapphire crystal glass LCD screen, 2-megapixel integrated digital camera, PC synchronization via USB connectivity, dual sim card technology, external memory, GPRS, MP3, MP4, and an Ocean Blue Floodlit keypad.

The Obsession Aphrodite collection accommodates 15 different languages. The keypad itself is also a work of art, it is separated using gold section layers. A reinforced Aphrodite Collection card in 18k white/24k yellow gold is laser etched and accommodates the collection.