Octane 120 Beer Arcade machine lets you drive and play while drinking

A gamers’ dream flight and now a beer arcade game! Is it the men’s liberalization work? How else do you explain these absolutely extravagant products? The Octane 120 Beer Arcade Machine includes a kegerator behind the rear seat, which has a secondary tap in the dash, allowing you to fill your mug easily without having to stretch back to get it. This ‘ultimate in-home arcade gaming’ has a list of features that is good enough for the person (read men) to want to live and breed in!

Features include leather wrapping on the fully-adjustable, force-feedback steering wheel and the seat, metal gas, clutch, and brake pedals, a Full HD projector upfront, an integrated gaming PC with 200 racing and arcade video games and PS3 connectivity, two-player control panel with a built-in trackball and a conveniently placed cup holder. The machine includes two five-gallon kegs and also a glass holder for comfort. The price if $6,000.

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