Of all things, this new gaming Chair comes decked with sparkling Swarovski crystals

If you’d like to add a bit of panache to your gaming ritual – consider buying this sparkling Vertagear chair that comes adorned with a plethora of Swarovski crystals. Yes, that’s right! We are talking about the the new version of PL4500 — a well-reviewed model that boasts top-notch ergonomics and some cool bling to go with it.

Boasting a crystal-studded version of Vertagear’s logo emblazoned on the headrest, the racing-style chair is unlike no other. It also features a repeating diamond pattern made from crystals on the top-stitched body along with royal purple detailing that gives it a holographic feel.

The novel edition comes with a 10-year warranty and is one of the most aesthetic pieces we’ve seen in a long time. It is made using the HygennX Technology and comes with a heavy-duty base as well as an effortless assembly. It further features UPHR foam, Penta RS Caster, and a robust steel frame much like the regular PL4500 versions.

The Vertagear PL4500 Crystals from Swarovski chair is officially available to preorder from Vertagear and comes with a price tag of $600 (over $100 more than the usual PL4500). Fancy upgrading your gaming routine?

[Available at: Vertagear]

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