Officine Gullo’s wine cellar-cum-fridge stands out elegantly

If you are a wine lover, then you surely would love collecting wines and aging those more at your convenience. But if space is a constraint, or if you can’t really house a lavish winery, then the refrigerators from Officine Gullo are just the thing you need. The fridge-cum-wine cellar has interior crafted out of antibacterial stainless steel, and houses glass shelves, two independent motors, three microclimates that can store foods of any kind. Plus it offers class A + savings energy. The body is made from thick stainless steel, with a painted burnished brass or nickel finish so that it doesn’t look out of place in your kitchen.

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The cellars in the fridge sport wooden shelves are come with temperature and humidity controlled areas that let you preservation and age wine better. You can pick from a variety of sizes that include 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 150 cm, 150K, 165K. You can also opt for customized composition and settings. Prices are subjective to size, fridge options like icemaker etc. the 75cm model for instance sports a €29,000 ($41,500) price tag.
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