O’hEocha Speakers with extra-terrestrial looks as well as price!

I guess the trend of alieny musical speakers is catching on! First it was the La Sphere – a monstrous eye ball like speaker and now it’s this O’hEocha speaker that resembles a three-legged alien with a comparatively smaller eye ball! Made in western Ireland by former BMW designer Aonghus O’hEocha, founder of O’hEocha, manufacturers of preeminent audio systems, these hand-crafted 200-watt isobaric speakers provide the clearest three-dimensional soundstage performance available. Created out of aluminum and PVC/steel composite, it stands 41.75-inches tall.

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The speakers’ 1-inch tweeter, two 6.5-inch midrange units, and two 11-inch subwoofers work together to produce the “clearest three-dimensional soundstage performance.” Available exclusively at Hammacher Schlemmer, this aural pleasure is tagged at an equally celestial amount of (a little less then) $9000.