Olive Media announces it’s Opus Nº5 Karim Rashid Spring ’08 Edition

Olive Media has announced the Opus Nº5 Karim Rashid Spring ’08 Edition digital audio system. For those with eloquent tastes know that the Method soap bottle, Dirt Devil designer vacuum, and Umbra wastebasket are synonymous with Karim Rashid. Aimed at the niche clientele that has plenty of money to spare, this system presents an elegant, high-quality solution for music storage and playback. The Spring ’08 Edition is “a new fusion of music and design…featuring four unique styles by world-renowned designer Karim Rashid.” In layman’s terms, it’s their September ’07 edition recycled into four new colors! However, we must admit that the eye-catching combo of sleek metallic blacks and cool pinks of the Spectra looks yummy. Apparently, the patterns are printed under the surface of a high-pressure laminate applied to the unit’s shell, hence they won’t scratch out. The specs include 750GB memory, with a fanless, floating-hard drive design that promises to eliminate unnecessary system noise while the 123+ dB signal-to-noise ratio maintains quality sound. Factor in wireless streaming capability (with 128-bit WPA encryption) and the ability to rip CDs to playable OGG Vorbis and FLAC complete with metadata at a single button press, and the Opus sounds like a champ to us.

Olive Media’s Opus Nº5 Karim Rashid Spring ’08 Edition can be pre-ordered but will be available by the end of the year. It costs $4000.