Olympus PEN Art Edition camera along with a matching Vespa scooter is Harrods exclusive

Don’t we just love it when merchandise gets a fascinating makeover? Earlier we had witnessed the Olympus Pen E-PI get a dazzling Swarovski makeover. This time Japanese brand has creatively collaborated with urban artist Susie ‘Suzko’ Lowe, fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin and London’s iconic department store – Harrods, to present to you another exciting range of special edition cameras that perfectly match designs with Vespa scooters and its helmet. New in town is the Olympus PEN Art Edition, an interesting set of limited edition cameras (unlike the Limited Edition Olympus that miserably failed in appearance) that are retailing at £16,000 ($25,000) since August 8, exclusively at Harrods.

Though the number of limited editions hasn’t yet been disclosed, we know so much, that each kit will include two new PEN E-P5 bodies – one hand-painted by Suzko and the other, a standard one. Other items include premium fast lenses in the Olympus microsystem, flash, case, and the electronic viewfinder.

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That’s not all, on request you could also get a catalog documented by McLaughlin, which takes you through the whole customization process of the first Art Edition kit. Moreover, those buying the kit also qualify for a one-on-one photographic session with the fashion photographer.

[Via – Pocket-Lint and Yahoo]