Optimus Maximus…just a few hours away!

If all of you are desperately waiting for your Optimus Maximus lets make your life a little happier as it’s gonna be available soon as the Pre-Order Countdown Begins. The ambitious Optimus Maximus keyboard a piece of vaporware that aims to have an OLED display underneath every key. Now its Russian makers at Art Lebedev Studio have posted a countdown clock, showing how much time is left until you can pre-order one of the pricey input devices. The company set a ship date for the first 200 keyboards at November 31st of this year, with 200 more rollings out in December, and 400 more in January 2008. The designers are attempting to be completely transparent about their development schedule, but that countdown is also to the time when we can finally see a description and detailed specifications of this expensive keyboard.

I use the word expensive as the Optimus Maximus costs $1564 but it ain’t close to expensive for the lovers of luxury!

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