Oxyfit backpack provides oxygen on the go

With the growing pollution levels, even oxygen is a luxury that only a few can afford. The low levels of oxygen in the atmosphere due to rising pollution have led to many health woes. But science and technology have a solution for the low oxygen levels too. Known as the Oxyfit backpack, this unique device has been designed to provide its users up to 50% more oxygen. The device comprises a tube that is placed in front of your face. Oxygen is piped through the device that resides in the backpack. The increased level of oxygen helps fight fatigue and other low oxygen symptoms; it also enhances metabolism and brain power. The increased metabolism helps you lose weight and stay healthy.

Since the device sits in a backpack and is easily portable, its use need not be restricted to just workouts. You can carry and use it with you wherever you go, like work, walks, etc. Powered by a lithium-ion battery (that runs for 1.5 hours), this device is definitely amazing.
Priced expensively at $2681, this device is available here.

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