Panasonic announces plans to ship the 152 inch Plasma TV this fall

The showstopper at this year’s CES was undoubtedly Panasonic’s gigantic offering, the 152 inch Plasma TV. Those who were seduced by the charms of this large offering can now finally take this baby home as Panasonic has announced, it will begin shipping the 152 inch monster this fall! The 4K resolution 3DTV is definitely no bargain, folks who wish to display this TV in their living space will have to fork out over $500,000! So if you have the moolah, it’s time to renovate your living room and make space for this 152-inch Plasma centerpiece. Panasonic is also offering 103- and 85-inch 1080p versions as well. But who wants these tiny screens when you can afford the 152-inch monster.

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A breathtaking creation, watching TV will never be the same again.

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