Panasonic 103-inch glasses free 3D TV and 145-inch 8K PDP TV displayed at IFA 2012

With LG and Sony both introducing 84-inch TVs at the IFA 2012, Panasonic couldn’t be left far behind. However, with the TVs they introduced at IFA, they have gone far ahead, leaving both Sony and LG behind. The 103-inch glasses-free 3D TV is one of the first TVs that offer an amazing resolution for the size of the TV and, at the same time, provides a fantastic multi-dimensional image while standing at the appropriate distance. With glasses-free TVs, technology still hasn’t come to par with glasses, including 3D TVs, but this model from Panasonic takes the next step. With 4K2K Plasma panels within, the prototype model displays high definition 3D images at resolutions equivalent to HD at a viewing distance of 3m.

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Also on display was the massive 145-inch 8K PDP, which uses the Super Hi-Vision 4K format. This technology can produce a resolution for images that is 16 times more concentrated than HD and an audio saneness with a 22.2 multichannel sound system. This is truly a remarkable revolution in TV technology, and Panasonic is taking huge leaps in making prototypes and concepts into a realistic option for consumers.
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