Panasonic unveils 85 inch TH-85PF12U Plasma TV

Lately it’s all about going BIG, especially when it comes to in house entertainment. That is why you see products like the TOOB television that caters to such at-home entertainment craving folks. Panasonic too, is not far behind and is already come out with their version of BIG entertainment in the form of the 85-inch TH-85PF12U Plasma TV. Billed as the industry’s first 85 inch, full-HD, 1080p plasma, it is the size of four 42-inch plasmas stitched together. According to Panasonic, its unique newly developed Neo plasma display panel technology promises great picture quality. And despite the effective wide-screen dimensions of 74.4 inches by 41.8 inches, the TH-85PF12U is significantly thinner and lighter than many past Plasma’s. The main body of this big plasma measures just 3.9 inches in depth and has an overall weight of approximately 260 pounds.

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The amazingly “BIG” Plasma is sure to burn a big hole in your wallets. If you wish to get this baby home you will have to shell out a whopping $30,000.