Panasonic unveils the high-tech multi-touch UB-T880 whiteboard

One always expects to be greeted by a traditional blackboard or whiteboard in a classroom, even in the most ultramodern, state of the art schools. Given the progress of science and technology it was only a matter of time for this constant class room fixture to be replaced. And replaced it is, by a newer and high-tech version which has been developed by Panasonic. Dubbed the UB-T880 whiteboard, it definitely redefines the high-tech standards of any school. The UB-T880 whiteboard measures 77 inches in length and is a unique multi-touch board that can be used by three people at once! The whiteboard can be operated using an electronic pen or even your fingers.

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Other high-tech features include the ability to write in four different colors, highlight in three different colors, listen to audio on the speakers and even activate the board remotely to turn PowerPoint pages. What is more, everything written on the whiteboard can be saved to Word, Excel or PowerPoint by installing the Panaboard software.
Flaunting a $2,500 price tag, this high-tech whiteboard from Panasonic is sure to make learning more fun. Wonder how many schools would incorporate this new whiteboard.

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