Password protected credit cards – a threat to cheats

Credit card frauds are not at all uncommon! Mere PIN codes are not enough to offer protection as cheats normally duplicate and record what you are typing into a PIN code machine. So some smarter folks at Innovative Card Technologies and eMue Technologies have come up with a password-protected credit card concept. The cool thing about this credit card security device is that the passwording system is actually on the card in the form of small numbered keys and an ultra-thin screen. It is known as a credit card embedded authentication device and to use the device you need to enter a secret PIN onto the card’s keypad.

A numeric password that can be used just once will appear on the screen. To use the card the password must be first entered onto either a web browser, ATM, or in a store, followed by the card. No PIN number is entered on the actual receiving device such as the ATM. Although it’s just a concept yet, I’m sure it’s going to get many votes from all those who have been a victim to credit card frauds or who always fear the same.