PENTAX K-7 Limited Silver stands out with a silver body

Following on the success of the black-colored PENTAX K-7 launched in 2009, the premium company specializing in hi-tech cameras has launched the PENTAX K-7 in a silver colored body. The K-7 can take on any FA Limited-series lens and it comes equipped with a special feature known as “golden section ratio” focusing screen. Also, the LCD monitor on the camera’s back panel is protected with reinforced glass plate which makes it more durable than the original K-7. The camera package includes the latest version, (version 4.10) of the PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4 image processing software. The other specs of the camera are total pixilation of 15.07 megapixels and that it supports storage media like SD, SDHC memory card, RAW+JPEG. The silver-colored PENTAX K-7 is available in a limited edition of 1000 pieces world-wide, so pick up yours fast!

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