Perfect8 launches Force Glass Center Channel for $40,000

Audio junkies have bought to our notice the latest from Perfect8 to dream about over the weekend. FORCE Center from Perfect8 is a glass center channel that packs a set of casters, gold accents, and drivers. The top section of the FORCE center speaker that houses the midranges and tweeter can be adjusted to the optimum position for 4:3 and 16:9 viewing formats as well as 5-channel audio. The FORCE center speaker houses two modified 7″ MG-cone drivers, two modified 5.25″ MG-cone drivers, and a 28mm silk dome tweeter with a precision waveguide. However, it is recommended that you complement this set up with their FORCE loudspeakers that are believed to be tagged at $277,000. But to know how much this FORCE glass and gold center channel costs, you need to hit the jump.

Priced at a beyond-my-reach $40,000, I’m sure many of us can just wow it here only.