Personalized Tattoo Remover-For The Day After!

We all heard about the day after pill and the hangover pill, well add the Personalized Tattoo Remover to your list of must haves. Sure requirements after the crazy stuff people do at frat parties. Peer pressure or just the urge to show your rebellion, whatever drove you to get that awful tattoo; it can be removed with the help of this personal gizmo. You can thank us later for educating you about this one. This portable tattoo remover can remove those awful eyebrows you got done or the colorful design on your tush without any pain or discomfort. Brought to you by Shanghai Spread, it promises not to destroy any skin.

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Empowered with a ND: YAG laser, Microprocessor Control, LCD Display and Flow Sensor, Auto Control Temperature System this will help you to get rid of the tattoos got in the heat of the moment!