Philips MiraVision 23” LCD TV is mirror clear

The Waterproof and motorized Philips Mirror TV uses a special mirror material that offers high-quality video pictures and also allows near total transmission of the polarized light output of the LCD screen. The Mirror TV is either provided with standard frame fittings or custom versions are accessible. The TV can be mounted on a wall to be viewed as a regular mirror. Mirror TV is most suitable and provides new application controls in the homes as well as the lobbies, bars, and guestrooms. The Crystal clear III provides 30% more contrast and an extremely high level of detail Resolution, 1280*768. The AV muting automatically detects a loss of television signal and optionally mutes both audio and video. The Smartcard™ 3v3 ICONN Expansion Unique interactive ICONN Box permits OEM of custom-designed third party decoders and controllers to be installed. This concept eliminates the need for external set-top decoders, controllers, or data terminals since the box can be hidden from the end-user.

The Philips MiraVision 23” LCD TV retails for $8,065.