Piaggio the makers of Vespa scooters has launched an adorable $1,850 robot that will carry your groceries, laundry, etc, and intelligently follow you around like a pet.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own compact-sized robot that can help you carry groceries and other essentials? Well granting your wish like a genie is Piaggio with the launch of Gitamini, an ultra-maneuverable cargo-carrying gadget!

The stylish 18-inch robot weighs just under 30 pounds and is a mini version of the Gita, Piaggio’s 27-inch suitcase robot, introduced in 2020. It is apt for navigating hallways, sidewalks, and supermarket aisles and is also extremely adorable to look at!

Complete with two large wheels, a central trunk, and a machine vision system, Gitamini can carry up to 20 pounds of groceries, clothing, or other cargo and can operate with its lid open as well as removed. It can run continuously for up to 21 miles and switch off on its own when kept idle for over 30 minutes.

The gadget comes with a series of colored lights and custom sounds composed by the famed Berklee College of Music to keep the owner appraised about the gadget’s status, battery life, and other features. Other features include a built-in USB port and handles on the front and back for ease of carrying.

Commenting on it, Piaggio Fast Forward CEO Greg Lynn said, “The new model offers consumers options for longer trips with lighter loads or shorter journeys with heavier cargo. It is more maneuverable indoors and outdoors, is lightweight, and packages updated technology and developments into a compact and fashionable design.”

Available in two colors—boardwalk beige and ‘attention-grabbing’ spark citron, the Gitamini will be available in the United States onward October 15, 2021, for a retail price of $1,850 or $64 a month with a range of financing options available.

[Via: New Atlas]

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