Pimp your Laptop with Avertac Design service

Aesthetics are an imperative part of any exclusive gizmo bought by anyone. And most of the time these machines come in different prices and versions but the same old mundane looks. If you really wanna make heads turn then this dope is nothing less than a life-saver for you. Averatec’s Laptop Design Service is just what you need. Averatec has added a little pizzazz to their 1050 series laptops. When an order is placed for one of these laptops a picture can also be submitted and will be printed on the lid of the laptop. Anything can be printed: your favourite car, family photos, supermodel pictures, sports, goatse; anything goes!. The 10-inch laptop is fairly average, but who cares what is under the hood when you have the beautiful goatse man showing his goods to the entire world.

The 1050 series laptops start around $1,900. That does hurt but when you can flaunt your very own picture on your laptop then I guess its worth the publicity.

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