Pimped Out John-Luck Sweepstakes Prize!

To date, I thought the height of luxury was reading a book sitting on ‘the throne’ (that’s what I like to call the commode). But now after seeing the Pimped Out John, I think “You Can’t Touch This”. Sip a beer, check mails, or even listen to the iPod till you’re done with the job. Now that’s what I call geek paradise. Resembling a dentist’s chair, with all those gadgets balanced on robotic arms, this luxury is up for grabs at the online sweepstakes of Roto-Rooter. This U.S. based company has come out fittings for the humble commode, which will put any geek into seventh heaven. The Pimped Out John will be fitted with a 20″ Philips LCD TV, an Xbox 360 console, a DVD player, a Gateway EMachine laptop with the robot arm, an iPod docking station with a built-in toilet paper dispenser, a TiVo DVR, an Avanti refrigerator with a beer tap, an exercise bike, and an electric cup warmer. The only thing they forgot was the exhaust fan! But I need to know, if all this luxury is going to be available to me in the john, what am I going to do with all the expensive gizmos fitted in the various corners of my house?

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