Polka-dot phones from KDDI for the Retro girls

Retro seems to be the trend these days, and fashionistas everywhere are pulling out all stops to look their retro best. For all such trendy chics who believe in following the latest fashion trends, the designer Polka Dot Phones from KDDI are definitely a must have. KDDI creates these unique phones in collaboration with art star Yayoi Kusama bearing the artists signature polka-dot designs. The amazing line includes some amusing units like My Doggie Ring-Ring, which actually molds a phone into a tiny, dotted dog holder! Screaming retro and girly (thanks to the color pink), these phones will definitely make a style statement.

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No idea about the pricing but it is expected that the phones will sell for a cost price of 1,000,000 yen ($10,000) and above.

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