Polymer Audio Research Polymer Logic Loudspeakers with gold and diamond

For those who think they have golden ears (studded with diamonds of course) for golden music, here’s a pair of speakers that feature a midrange cone manufactured from a pure diamond. And that’s not all. The Polymer Logic speakers from Polymer Audio Research also have titanium dome tweeters that are adorned with a pure layer of solid gold. Tagged at $24,990, the loudspeakers use diamond cone midrange drivers per side, Supravox TG1 tweeter, and a pair of hand made vapor-deposited titanium cone woofers. Up till now, the company has used the diamond midrange cone is only one commercially available loudspeaker system, the $250,000/pr Marten Design Coltrane Supreme. More images follow….

According to Polymer Research the diamond midrange drivers are made one at a time in a plasma reactor and because of cones that often crack in the process, it usually takes about 6 weeks to make a pair of the drivers.

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