Porsche P’9521…here to stay!

Got $ 1,581? Then spend on something that deserves all that money. When you last heard about the collaboration of Porsche Design Mobile Group and Sagem Communication for the Porsche P’9521 you didn’t know that it would cost that much. It would also interest you to know where you are putting that kind of money. Is it worth the deal? I say, definitely. It’s a fine-looking clamshell that can be rotated to 180 degrees and comes with the feature of a fingerprint scanner that can be a lot more useful in application than it may sound here. It helps you to secure your phone and also operate certain functions. Like you can easily call someone with the help of your finger (earlier you used them to dial numbers but no more!). You can also assign this feature to certain features that are used more than often.

The idea that it comes with a 3.2-megapixel video and still camera with an auto-focus lens along with an OLED screen which has an amazing display that consumes very little power is somehow a great combination especially for the self-obsessed who keep clicking themselves for hours together. Sadly the citizens of the US, Japan, and Korea are not gonna enjoy the benefits of the Porsche P’9521. Meanwhile, the people sitting in the UK and a few other countries can continue smiling!