PRO-2310 from eCinema promises extreme clarity

If extreme clarity is what you seek when it comes to buying a new screen, the PRO-2310 from eCinema is definitely for you. This Screen boasts of a 23-inch HD display with a native 10-bit LCD panel. Aimed at production professionals who need to see how their HD images look like, this recently debuted screen is definitely awesome. Some of the high-end features of this screen include iSIM technology and it is also equipped with eCinema’s 48-bit PureStream image processor to safeguard against data loss.

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The display has a built-in still store, graticule generator, and focus enhancement. It ships with four 4:2:2 inputs that can be optionally configured as two dual-links 4:4:4 or 3G sources. A great screen, it will definitely enhance your viewing experience.
Priced at $8000, the PRO-2310 is a luxury very few can afford.

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