Quad II Eighty Valve mono power amplifiers for $10,000

The Quad II is one of the most highly respected mono-block HiFi valve amps around. First introduced in 1953, it’s still used by many enthusiasts. For 2008, we have the latest Quad II Eighty Valve mono power amplifiers. It features KT88 output valves, running as two pairs and partial cathode loading in the output transformer. For many audiophiles, the age of the transistor left a big hole in the emotion and pleasure provided by good valve amplification. The hi-fi world became orientated around numbers and statistics and choosing a new product was simply a question of numerical specifications. But with this latest Quad amp, all of them will get a chance to recreate the same spirit and atmosphere as earlier times.

For 5000 GBP ($10,000), the engaging design coupled with the opportunity to see the glowing valves is worth every penny.
Dimensions – h x w x d = 185x390x195